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Transnational Feminisms Grant for Research & Teaching

All full- and part-time faculty are invited to apply for grants to support research, teaching, or both in Global Gender Studies/Transnational Feminisms.  Funds may be used to support seminar or workshop participation, attendance at conferences or meetings, research, or teaching enhancement relating to global gender studies, transnational feminisms, or both.
Applications are due on the first Monday of Block 8.  Please submit formal proposals, following the guidelines listed below. Proposals should be addressed and emailed to the Director of Feminist & Gender Studies and copied to Linda Inzer, the Staff Assistant for Feminist & Gender Studies, Race, Ethnicity, & Migration Studies, and Asian Studies.


In support of developing greater international expertise in the areas of global gender studies and transnational feminisms, the college would like to announce a new initiative. In cooperation with Feminist and Gender Studies, the Dean’s office will award up to three grants to pay for modest honoraria and/or registration and/or travel fees to faculty who would like to begin or extend their teaching and/or research in these areas through any of the following, with an emphasis in Global Gender Studies and/or Transnational Feminisms:
Guidelines for the Grant. 

  1. Participation in workshops or seminars
  2. Attendance at professional meetings or conferences
  3. Research projects
  4. Enhancement of teaching

Proposals must include:

  1. Name of faculty member.
  2. Current date.
  3. Short title of the event or project.
  4. Description and date of event or plan for research project and timetable.
  5. Explanation of the rationale for the event/project: specifically, how will it contribute to internationalizing the college’s program in feminist and/or gender studies?
  6. Total itemized budget and exact amount requested.
  7. A list of all Research and Development funds received in the last three years.
  8. Curriculum vitae.
  9. Other information that you consider important.

Any full and part-time faculty member may apply. Grantees will be expected to submit a report to the Dean and the Director of Feminist and Gender Studies by the end of the academic year, and if appropriate, may be asked to make a public presentation through a Feminist and Gender Studies sponsored program.