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Electronic Portfolios

An electronic portfolio is an organized, creative, and complete collection of your personal achievements, course material, and academic projects.

The portfolio should synthesize your academic and non-academic experiences, linking content across courses, original sources, and external sites. You can archive text, audio, and video files to share with potential employers and others inside and beyond the Colorado College community.

Other colleges and universities have adopted a variety of portfolio approaches (see the appendix at the end for some of these programs’ portfolio thinking).  WHY might YOU undertake such an experiment?

  • Establish an ongoing record of your learning/accomplishments
  • Get a head start on thinking/planning for “life after CC”
  • Reflect on your CC accomplishments
  • Practice articulating who you are, what is important in your learning
  • Exercise creative freedom in designing and “filling” your portfolio
  • Have a space to integrate your recreational, academic, and professional activities
  • Learn the basics of web site design and maintenance
  • Work more closely with CC faculty and staff


At Colorado College “portfolios” based upon students’ learning in a single course or across an entire major or undergraduate experience are very rare.  If you choose to create a portfolio, you will be a pioneer in this format for reflective learning.  The comprehensiveness and reflectiveness you invest in summarizing the entire content/experience in your major will determine both its value to you and the usefulness of this type of exercise.