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Thesis Prospectus Application Form

Application Instructions

In order to be considered for a senior thesis, all EV Program seniors must complete the following form and submit it to the EV Program Office no later than the second Monday of Block 1 at 3:00 PM. Late submissions will not be accepted. In the second week of Block 1, the EV faculty, Technical Director, and Program Director will meet to approve the thesis prospectus; students will be notified within 48 hours if their thesis work is accepted. Students who do not meet the thesis criteria (see Environmental Science and Environmental Policy Thesis Rubric in the EV Program Handbook) will be asked to take EV420 (Senior Paper) in lieu of the thesis. A significant change in the thesis project during the senior year will require submission of a new prospectus to the EV Thesis Faculty for approval. The thesis advisor and EV Technical Director must approve all budget changes.

As a courtesy to your readers, you must discuss this form with your two readers so they can adequately defend your thesis to the faculty. If you do not discuss your thesis with the readers, they may not understand your thesis work and it might not be accepted.

Download the application (MSWord)