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Nicolyn Woodcock

Visiting Assistant Professor

I recently finished my PhD at Miami University (in Ohio) and as Kenyon College graduate I am thrilled to return to the small liberal arts environment. I teach contemporary American literature with specialties in multiethnic US and Asian American literature and I have particular interest in war stories. This year I am looking forward to teaching a slate of classes at CC that engage with these areas, including Intro to Asian American Lit (Block 4) and Multiethnic Literatures of the US (Block 7), as well as The Literary Cartography of US Empire (Block 2) and War and its Afterlives in Asian American Family Stories (Block 8), which draw on my dissertation research.

My dissertation, “Militarized Intimacies: War, Family, and Transpacific Asian American Literature,” attends to the ways sexual, romantic, and familial relationships between Asians and Americans have, in part, been possible because of the sustained presence of the US military in the Asia Pacific, especially since World War II. Though such intimacies are conceptualized through notions of choice, consent, and sentimental values such as love, they have also concealed “in plain sight” the forced nature of these imperial relations. Given the military history (and the present) of Colorado Springs, I am excited about the directions my research may go in the year ahead.

One of my secondary academic interests is in representations of food, which led to my first publication, “Tasting the ‘Forgotten War’” in the Journal of Asian American Studies (2018). This academic interest in turn fuels my favorite hobbies, cooking and eating. Since arriving in Colorado, I’ve been eating green chile everything and I’ve recently tried yak meat from Montrose. I’m always thinking about my next meal, so feel free to ask me about it! And be on the look out for my class The Language and Literatures of Food in Block 5!

My favorite foods are avocados, eggs, and blueberry cake donuts and my favorite novel is Monique Truong’s Bitter in the Mouth.

I am looking forward to stimulating conversations with CC students in classes and across campus, becoming an “outdoors person” in Colorado, and researching how to get myself an excessively cute goldendoodle very soon.


    PhD English, Miami University, Ohio 2019

    MA English, Miami University, Ohio 2014

    BA English, Kenyon College 2012