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Regula Meyer Evitt

Associate Dean of the College & Associate Professor of English

I’m a medievalist who specializes in medieval and early modern drama, English and continental.  I teach Marie de France, Dante, Chaucer, and Shakespeare as well as a spectrum of medieval period and genre courses (drama, romance, fabliaux, dream visions, adversus Judaeos literature).  In my research, I’m currently focusing on dramatic representations of Jews in western medieval Europe.  Recent publications include: “’He is inwardly flayde’: Inscription and the Wakefield Buffeting’s Self-incriminating 'Jew'” (forthcoming), “Incest Disguised: Ottonian Influence at Gandersheim and Hrotsvit’s Abraham” (Comparative Drama), "Eschatology, Millenarian Apocalypticism and the Liturgical Anti-Judaism of the Medieval Prophet Plays" in The Apocalyptic Year 1000 (Oxford UP).  I’ve co-authored a book on women in medieval culture (Minding the Body) and am working on a book tentatively titled Antijudaism and the Medieval Prophet Plays.  Currently I'm teaching part-time and and serving as Associate Dean of the College.  I'm an avid skier, hiker, and crazy about Airedales and Maine coons.

As Associate Dean of the College, I am responsible for:

  • Academic advising
  • Accessibility Resources
  • Boettcher Scholars Program
  • Colket Center
  • Committee on Instruction
  • Dean’s Advisory Committee
    • Keller Venture Grants
    • Student conferences
    • Life of the mind grants
    • Faculty-student collaborative research grants
    • Visiting speakers
    • Student academic petitions
  • First-Year Experience program
  • Honor Council (liaison)
  • Student academic support
  • Student research and fellowships opportunities

Regular Classes

Chaucer: Canterbury Tales, Troilus and Criseyde
Dante, Commedia
Dante and Michelangelo
Marie de France
Medieval Drama
Medieval Fabliaux
Bodies and Gender in Medieval Literature
Medieval Antisemitism
Renaissance Culture
Introduction to Comparative Literature
Introduction to Poetry
Introduction to Critical Theory


    Ph.D., English, University of Virginia,1992
    M.A., English, Stanford University 1982
    B.A. English, Stanford University, 1981