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George Butte


The constant thread in my teaching and writing is narrative theory.  I am especially interested in the ways stories present character and human consciousness, and I like to compare print fiction and film narratives. I teach gateway courses: in English (literary theory) and in film (Introduction to Film Studies).  I teach other courses about different kinds of narratives: a course on the nature of comedy, film topics classes like Hitchcock’s Films and American Film Comedy, advanced courses in the 19th C. British Novel, and senior seminars on problems in narrative theory. My current writing project is a second book, now completed, which continues the work of my 2004 book on the narration of consciousnesses (that is, intersubjectivity) in fiction and film.  This new book studies writers like Henry James and works like The Silence of the Lambs and the Peter Pan tales. In my life outside academia, my wife works in the ER at Memorial Hospital, my daughter is 16, we have three dogs and a turtle, and I play squash twice a week.


Read more about Professor Butte's books at:

I Know That You Know That I Know (2004)

Suture and Narrative: Deep Intersubjectivity in Fiction and Film (2017)

Regular Classes

The Nature of Comedy (FYE)
Introduction to Literary Theory
19th C. British Novel
Introduction to Film Studies
Film History and Theory
American Film Comedy
Great American Film Thrillers
Problems in Narrative Theory (Senior Seminar)


    B.A. University of Arizona 1967
    B.Phil. Oxford University 1970
    Ph.D. Johns Hopkins University 1973
    Woodrow Wilson Fellow 1967-8
    Rhodes Scholarship 1968-70