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George ButteGeorge Butte


British Novel: 18th & 19th Century, Film Studies: Hitchcock & Comedy, Narrative Theory

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Armstrong 251
(719) 389-6508



Regula Meyer EvittRegula Evitt

Associate Professor

Medieval Literature & Culture; History of the English Language; Marie de France, Dante, Chaucer, Shakespeare


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Armstrong 236
(719) 389-6706



Claire Oberon GarciaClaire Garcia


African American Literature, Late 19th/Early 20th Century British and American Literature, Black Atlantic Literature.

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Armstrong 254
(719) 389-6510



Sylvan GoldbergGoldberg

Assistant Professor

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Armstrong 241
(719) 389-6503



Steven HaywardHayward

Associate Professor 

Creative Writing (fiction), Shakespeare, Canadian literature

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Armstrong 244 
(719) 389-6604



Jane Hilberryhilberry


Creative Writing: Poetry, Shakespeare, Creativity & Leadership, Contemporary Poetry

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Armstrong 344
(719) 389-6501 



Lisa B. Hugheshughes

Adjunct Associate Professor of Literature

Greek and Latin language, The Classical Tradition in American culture, Comedy

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Armstrong 238
(719) 389-6958 



Genevieve LoveGenny Love

Associate Professor

Shakespeare, Non-Shakespearean Renaissance Drama, Milton, LGBTQ Literature

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Armstrong 252
(719) 389-6507



David Mason

Professor and ChairMason Cropped

Creative Writing, Poetry, Modern Greek Literature, Contemporary American Literature, 20th Century British and Irish Literature.

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Armstrong 237
(719) 389-6502 



Natanya Ann Pulley
Natanya Ann Pulley

Assistant Professor

Creative Writing

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Armstrong 239
(719) 389-6633


Jared S. RichmanRichman 2

Associate Professor and Associate Chair

Eighteenth-Century Literature & Culture, British Romanticism, Transatlantic Literature

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Armstrong 240
(719) 389-6889 


Tracy Santa

Tracy Santa

Director of the Writing Program and Writing Center

Lecturer in English

American Literature, Composition, Writing Studies, Writing Program Administration

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Tutt Library 160
(719) 389-6809


Barry Sarchett


Director of Film and New Media Studies 

Literary Theory, Film, Film Noir, 20th Century American Literature,
Detective Fiction

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Armstrong 242
(719) 389-6499 


Felicia Chavez


Creative Writing

Armstrong 241A


Tom Mauch

Professor Emeritus

Renaissance, Shakespeare, History of the English Language

Adrienne Seward

Professor Emerita

Folklore, Africana Studies, Toni Morrison


John Simons

Professor Emeritus

Modern American Literature, James Joyce, Film Studies






Dan Tynan

Professor Emeritus

American Renaissance, American Realism, 20th Century American Literature, Literature & the Environment



In Memoriam

Laura Padilla


Assistant Professor

Mexican-American Literature, Southwestern Literature

Professor Padilla passed away on March 16, 2014. Her teaching and scholarship are deeply missed by the College and particularly by her colleagues in the English Department.

Professor Padilla's obituary

An article about Professor Padilla written for the Colorado Springs Gazette by English major Jesse Paul.

Neale ReinitzReinitz

Professor Emeritus









Mark StavigStavig Cropped

Professor Emeritus







James YaffeYaffe

Professor Emeritus