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    English Department Covid-19 Response

    Hello, and welcome to Colorado College's English Department’s COVID-19 news and updates page.

    This webpage has been created by the English Department for students seeking a centralized, easy-to-find page for English Department-specific news related to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

    Here you will find relevant news (and yes, wait for it, even a FAQ section!), which will be updated over the course of this academic year. If you know of anyone who has questions about the English Department and its response to the pandemic, please point them here. “A prudent question is one half of wisdom,” said Francis Bacon, once upon a time, and we welcome yours.

    Finally, we want to underscore the English Department’s continued commitment to voicing and practicing our ideals of equity and inclusivity in light of the announcement of recent course mode changes. To support all students, whether on campus or not, we will not require residency for course enrollment and participation. If you or any other student encounters any obstacles in this regard, please contact me (Professor Hayward) immediately and I will find a solution or alternative.

    In the meantime, here are some other places to find information about the English Department:

    The Colorado College English Department Facebook Page

    The Colorado College English Department Instagram Page

    The Colorado College YouTube Channel

    Stay safe, stay in touch, send us your questions!

    Professors Hayward and Love