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Undergraduate Teacher Licensure

Colorado College DOES offer the opportunity to be licensed at the undergraduate level!  Licensure is offered in elementary education (K-6), K-12 art, music and world languages and secondary (6-12) English, math, science and social studies.  Each program has a content checklist detailing the required coursework necessary to be approved to teach in that discipline, all of which can be found on this page.

If you plan to teach elementary school, you may major in any liberal arts discipline.  If you plan to pursue licensure at the K-12 or secondary level, you must major in the content area you plan to teach.  You will also need to complete education coursework which includes education foundations, methods and pedagogy coursework, ED100/120 (College Aides in the Classroom) and 4 blocks of student teaching (2 of which can be done internationally!)

To allow students extra time to meet the demands of their major and the teacher licensure program, there is the "9th" semester option, in which students complete their 4 blocks of student teaching after they graduate with their bachelor's degree. This "9th" semester is at a significantly reduced tuition rate.

Teacher Education Admission Requirements. In order to apply for the undergraduate program, you need to have the following:

*Observation and successful participation in local public schools--60 classroom hours through ED100 and ED120

*Endorsement/recommendation from classroom teachers with whom you worked

*Endorsement/recommendation from your department chair of advisor in your major

*A recommended cumulative GPA of 2.7 and 3.0 in your major

*Completion of content area coursework (see advising checklist)

*PRAXIS II or PLACE exam in your content area (see Content Testing Requirements)

Contact Debra Yazulla Mortenson at the earliest possible date after entering CC in order to receive information about admission prerequisites (admission to CC does not guarantee admission to the teacher education program), licensure procedures/requirements and the application process.