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Education Thematic Minor

Undergrad One

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*ANY student considering an Education Studies Minor MUST consult with the Advisor to intentionally choose courses before declaring this thematic minor and before taking a majority of the courses. 

The minor supports students who wish to study the complexities of education ranging from its historical, social, philosophical and psychological bases to modern day issues and applications. Students are advised to consult early with the Education Studies advisors to develop a pathway of coursework in a particular area of interest.  Some suggested themes are arts integration in education, environmental education, global issues in education and urban education, but we encourage students to think outside the box and find their passion within the field of education.  Students enrolled in our teacher licensure program will find they fulfill all requirements of the minor easily, with student teaching serving as their capstone experience. 

Sample Thematic Minor Programs

Students must take five courses to complete the minor, including one unit in Categories 1, 2, and 4; and two units in Category 3. In addition, students must submit a short prospectus on their proposed Integrated Experience (Category 4). The integrative experience is a synthesis of concepts learned, more in depth research on a particular topic of interest, and application of the research.

Category One (1 Unit): Educational Issues and Foundations

ED 150 Contemporary Issues in Education*
ED 205 Education Theory Into Practice*
PH 249 Philosophy of Education*
HY 256 Education in the West*
SO 280 Sociology of Education*

 Category Two (1 Unit): Psychological Dimensions

PY 100 Introduction to Psychology: Bases of Behavior
PY 101 Introduction to Psychology: Enduring Ideas and Present Principles
PY 270/ED 321 Educational Psychology*
PY 299 Neuroscience (Prerequisite: PY 100 or PY 101 or PY 111 or BY 109 or COI)
PY 332 Learning and Adaptive Behavior (Prerequisite: PY 202)
PY 374: Lifespan Developmental Psychology* (Prerequisite: PY 202)

 Category Three (2 Units): Applications

ED 100 College Aides + ED 120 Experienced College Aides (0.5 unit each)
OR ED 100 College Aides + ED 202 Teaching English as a Second Language (0.5 unit each)
OR ED 250 Youth Empowerment Theory and Practice (0.5 unit)
ED 203 Environmental Education
ED 204 Globalization and Education
ED 220 Power of the Arts in Education
ED 275 Mentoring At-Risk Youth
ED 320 Arts Teaching in the Elementary Grades*
ED 325 Teaching Literacy in Elementary Grades*
ED 326 Teaching Mathematics in Elementary Grades*
ED 327 Teaching Language Arts and Social Studies in Elementary Grades*
ED 328 Teaching Science and Health in Elementary Grades*
ED 398 Teaching Literacy in Secondary Schools*
ED 399 Content Methods and Critical Pedagogy* 


Category Four (1 Unit): Integrated Experience

GS 400 Senior Thesis
ED 401 Student Teaching (one unit of which is accepted for the minor)*
ED 405 International Student Teaching (one unit of which is accepted for the minor)*

Note: *Indicates courses that may apply toward teacher licensure.

Advisors: Kris Stanec; Charlotte Mendoza; Mike Taber; Manya Whitaker