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Education Minor

How to get started in Education
The Minor - Requirements

The minor supports students who wish to study the complexities of education ranging from his historical, social, philosophical and psychological bases to modern day issues and applications.  Students interested in teaching at a secondary or K-12 level will need to major in their content area and minor in Education. Click here for the FAQ for Education Courses.

A student minoring in education must complete five units from the following categories: 

Category: Foundations in Education (one unit) 

ED220 2013 Class

ED115  The Arts, Community, and the Experience of Learning (1 block counts)  
ED150  Contemporary Issues in Education  
ED210  Power of the Arts in Education  
ED211  Framework for American Education  
ED218  Globalization in Education
ED222  Diversity and Equity  in  Education*  
ED255  Urban Education 

* Course required for majors who wish to earn teaching credentials 

Category: Practicum (two units) 

ED100  College Aides in Colorado Springs Schools - 0.5 units  
ED110  Experienced Aides in Colorado Springs Schools (prerequisite: ED100) - 0.5 units  
ED201  Advanced Aides in Colorado Springs Schools (prerequisite: ED110) - 0.5 units  
ED202  Teaching  English  as  a  Second  Language  (prerequisite:  ED100) - 0.5 units
ED206  Independent  Study  Practicum  (prerequisite:  ED110) - 0.5  to  1.0  units    
ED220  Youth  Empowerment  (0.5  units) 

Category: Psychology (one unit)

ED311  Educational Psychology (prerequisite: ED115, ED115, ED210, ED211, ED218, ED222, or ED255) 

Category: Instructional Methods (one unit)

ED470  Teaching Social Studies and Language Arts in Elementary School (prerequisite: ED100, ED311 and  COI**)  
ED471  Teaching Science and Health in Elementary School (prerequisite: ED100, ED311 and COI**)
ED474  Content Methods and Critical Pedagogy for Secondary Educators (Variable title: Science,  Mathematics, Social Studies, English; prerequisite: ED100, ED311 and COI**)    
ED475  Content Methods and Critical Pedagogy for K-­‐12 Educators (Variable title: Art, Music, Global  Languages; prerequisite: ED100, ED311 and COI**) 

Advisors: Charlotte Mendoza; Kris Stanec; Mike Taber; Manya Whitaker

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