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International Teaching & Learning Institute

Course Requirements


Spring & Summer 2015

The International Teaching & Learning Institute for Experienced P-12 teachers (ITLI) is offered by the Colorado College in collaboration with the Global Gateway for Teachers at Indiana University - Bloomington. The institute will begin and end at Colorado College; the international component will occur under the auspices of the Global Gateway which will administer the Overseas Practicum for Experienced Teachers (OPET).

Click here to view and share the flyer for the ITLI Information Session scheduled for Saturday December 6, 2014 at 9:00 A.M. - 12:00 P.M.                                        


The ITLI is an institute that involves course work and travel independently to a prearranged overseas school for three weeks of volunteer counterpart work. Many overseas schools are open for at least a part of the typical U.S. summer vacation period. The choices of host nation are up to the teacher and there is limited or unlimited space in each of the participating nations.*

The ITLI in 2015 will begin with orientation and course work on Saturday, January 10, and conclude on Wednesday, July 1, 2015.

Credit earned may be applied to the teacher’s enrollment in Colorado College’s Masters of Arts in Teaching degree or may be part of the experienced teacher’s professional development as determined by the school or school district in which employed.

The number next to each country listed below indicates the limit on placements there.

Schools where English is the medium of instruction; here, the ITLI participant will likely be placed in his or her subject area, e.g., elementary, secondary math, etc.

In the following schools, the ITLI participant will work primarily with the English-language teachers, providing instruction in conversational and written English

India (2-3): usually in Bangalore, Delhi, Ludhiana, Amritsar

China: (2-3)

Australia (No limit): States of Victoria and New South Wales

Costa Rica: (2-3)

New Zealand (No limit): North Island (around Auckland and Hastings/Napier)

England: (2-3)

* The registration for the volunteer teacher is submitted to Global Gateway for Teachers at Indiana University - Bloomington on an individualized basis.  It is carefully reviewed, and then forwarded to an established host nation consultant in the area of the country the volunteer teacher wishes to visit.  The consultant (an experienced educator) makes the school placement and sends the details to the volunteer teacher and to Global Gateway for Teachers at Indiana University - Bloomington, which then informs Colorado College of the specifics.  Since this is typically all done several months in advance of arrival at the school, the volunteer teacher has adequate time to work out details of school role and housing with the host country consultant by correspondence (usually e-mail) prior to arrival. 


Registrants will be required to enroll in Education 570: International Teaching & Learning Institute at Colorado College. The cost for 1 unit (the equivalent of 4 semester hours) will be $1,600 (which is a 50% tuition scholarship for teachers with contracts for the academic year 2015-16).  Registration for the Institute must be submitted to the Colorado College Summer Programs Office by February 1, 2015. 


A letter grade (A, B, C, D, or NC) will be awarded for the ITLI based on the registrant's performance in all components of the course.  These components include: 

  • Saturday seminars: January 10, February 7, April 11 on-campus, in Mierow House (the Education Department), at 9:00 A.M. Completion of assignments required of all individualized readings, common reading indicated in the syllabus.  Written reflections and active engagement in discussions will be required. 
  • Week 1: attendance, from May 23 continuing on-campus component of the summer institute. Completion of readings required with written reflections and active engagement in discussions. 
  • Weeks 2-4, from June 8 - June 27:  Daily attendance at the overseas host school for three weeks. During this period, the experienced teacher will be required to complete reflective essays each week via e-mail with Professor Mendoza.  At the completion of the experience, registrants will obtain an hours’ log signed by the host country teacher and a letter of reference. 
  • Week 5: Return travel and completion of project that provides insights to and applications of the overseas experiences to the teacher’s elementary or secondary classroom "back home". 
  • Week 6: daily attendance from June 29 - July 1, in the second on-campus component of the Institute. Presentation of international projects and debriefing of the international experience will occur.  A written evaluation of the ITLI will be required as well. 

All Institute assignments will be described in the syllabus provided to participants.

Institute grades will be submitted within a week of its completion. An official transcript may then be requested by the participant to the Registrar’s Office at Colorado College.

Registration materials for the overseas experience must be submitted to Professor Mendoza by January 5, 2015; registration fee of $300 is non –refundable, the program fee of $700 is fully refundable if a participant cancels before the placement has been confirmed. If cancellation happens after the placement has been confirmed but before the participant goes overseas, it is refunded at 75%. 

The experience is offered for credit through Colorado College. The course, including the three weeks in the overseas school, carries 1 CC unit (the equivalent of four semester hours). 

 The ITLI participant is responsible for all expenses related to the experience, which include the following: 

  1. Tuition (for 1 CC unit or 4 semester hours) -$1,600
  2. Registration fees ($300 registration + $700 program fee)
  3. Air and ground transportation
  4. Room and board, which varies from one host nation to the next. Housing is typically a home stay arranged by the host school.

For more information, contact Professor Mendoza at 719-389-6474 or by emailing