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MAT Plus: International Teaching for MATs

Click here to download the MAT Plus program brochure.

What is it?

After you successfully teach in a Colorado Springs public school, you may choose to spend 6-8 weeks abroad participating in an international teaching option after spring break (April-May).

Why choose this option?

It will provide:Ronit Pitrone in India

  • An opportunity to learn to live in another culture, be flexible in new situations, and become better at problem solving and listening.
  • A chance to experience, first-hand, the culture (the arts, history, geography) of another country which will promote the development of a global perspective.
  • An opportunity, ultimately, to "share the world" with future students.
  • Personal and professional growth that will serve well in all future endeavors.

Where might I go?

Placements are available in the following countries: Australia, China, Costa Rica, Ecuador, England, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Russia (Tomsk), Scotland, Spain, Turkey, and Wales. 

In what kind of setting might I be placed?Kellie Palmblad on NZ beach

  • American/International schools that offer an American curriculum to international students.
  • International schools that teach an international curriculum to students from several countries.
  • Host country schools that teach students of that country the curriculum of that country.

What expenses will I have?

For the international teaching program, charges would include:

  • A $200 registration fee that is non-refundable
  • A program fee ($800; 75% is returned if cancellation with reasonable notice before departure occurs)
  • Airline tickets and in-country ground transportation
  • Local accommodations: most students choose a home stay
  • Miscellaneous (passport, visa, clothing, luggage, gifts, etc.)
  • Spending money (weekend travel, admissions, souvenirs, etc.)
  • Financial aid is available to help with the program fee and possibly some travel costs.

Formal application will be due by the end of September.Torii - Japan

So far, students have had international teaching experiences in Australia, Costa Rica, Greece, India, Italy, New Zealand and Spain.  They report on the experiences as “enlightening, life-changing, and amazing.”  In a world in which globalization dominates, this opportunity will be especially valuable.  Questions?  Contact Charlotte Mendoza, on-campus director of international student teaching, at