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Education Department Mission and Core Values


The Education Department complements Colorado College’s expressed mission in that its goal is to provide the finest educational studies possible within the liberal arts tradition. We challenge students to “develop those habits of intellect and imagination that will prepare them for learning and leadership throughout their lives.”

Core Values

As members of the Colorado College community and Education Department, we are committed to:

  • Honor the life of the mind as central focus of our common endeavor; specifically, we hope to contribute to the development of individuals who are able to engage in critical thinking about the issues and complexities of educational subjects.
  • Value all persons and seek to learn from them their diverse experiences and perspectives; specifically, we expect to promote an environment in which students engage in inquiry, are open to diverse perspectives, consider evidence as the bases of determining individual outlooks, and appreciate that alternative approaches to solving problems may offer value.
  • Practice intellectual honesty and live with integrity; specifically, we expect students to pursue their studies with scholarly, conscientious, and ethical effort.
  • Encourage engagement and social responsibility; specifically, we hope that our students will contribute to the educational “life” of whatever community in which they live.