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2021-22 Thesis Process

Rising seniors who are declared majors in the Economics and Business Department can use the information below for registering for their two thesis blocks in the 2021-22 academic year.

NOTE: If you are a declared major in the Economics and Business Dept., and you are writing a thesis in the Economics and Business Dept. in 2021-22, you will need to complete, save to your computer, and send this 2021-22 Thesis Registration word document form to Nancy Heinecke at by Friday April 23, 2021.

2021-22 DRAFT Course Schedules: The draft course schedules below are included here as tools to help rising seniors in planning next year's schedule - and to help in the completion of the 2021-22 Thesis Registration form, above.

Completed thesis registration forms MUST be emailed to Nancy Heinecke by Friday April 23, 2021, in order for rising seniors to register their two senior-year thesis blocks preferences. If we do not receive your form, you will not be assigned a thesis advisor and we will not know to register you for thesis.

E&B Dept. faculty advising thesis will decide thesis students in the last week of preregistration. Students will be notified of their assigned thesis blocks and thesis advisor sometime after Tuesday, April 27, 2021. Students will need this information to finish preregistration, by April 30th. 

Important dates: Preregistration for Fall 2021 starts Monday, April 12 through Friday April 30.

REMEMBER! Thesis is a 2-block class, that is supervised by a faculty thesis advisor during blocks 1-6.  students must meet the prerequisites for thesis prior to the start of the first thesis block. No points are needed for thesis. During preregistration you will enter "GS391" in both thesis blocks you are assigned. All full-time faculty in the Economics and Business Department will supervise thesis students. If you want to work with a specific professor as your Thesis Advisor, contact them to indicate your interest. Check out this list of Faculty Thesis Advisor Areas of Interest and Research. 


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2021-22 Thesis Registration


2021-22 Faculty Thesis Advisors

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