Van Skilling Award




The Department of Economics and Business is pleased to announce the annual competition for the Skilling Award for Independent Work in Economics and Business. These awards have been made possible by a generous gift from Van Skilling '55 to support independent work by Economics, International Political Economy, and Mathematical Economics majors. The application process for the Van Skilling Award is open on a rolling basis throughout the academic year.

PURPOSE: The purpose of the Skilling Award is to encourage and support independent work in the disciplines of economics and business by students who have already declared one of the above majors. Skilling Awards will be awarded for projects by both individuals and small groups. Students are encouraged to consider group projects in which they can learn and motivate each other. The primary goal of the Award is to support research-based projects, with a strong preference for projects that specifically support thesis or independent study work.

AWARDS: Awards will be made in the amount of $500 (less taxes). In the case of group projects, all eligible members of the group (i.e. those who have declared one of the above majors) will each receive an award of $500 (less taxes). While applicants are not required to provide a detailed budget, the proposal should clearly state how the award will be used to enable and enhance the proposed research beyond what would have been possible without the award.

COMPETITION: Proposals must be submitted to the program coordinator in the Economics & Business Office, via email on a rolling basis through the first Friday of Block 8 with the subject of the email reading "Van Skilling Award Proposal." Students will be notified of the department's decision within one week of acceptance of the proposal. The department will make awards on the basis of the merits of the proposal, the contribution of the proposal to the applicant's education, and an indication of the individual's or group's ability to complete an independent project. Funding is available for several projects to receive awards.

ACADEMIC CREDIT: Students may receive academic credit for this work with the consent of their departmental sponsor (see APPLICATION section). Academic credit will not be awarded automatically and the departmental sponsor is entitled to impose additional requirements for those students seeking course credit.

SENIOR THESIS: Senior thesis students may apply for Skilling Awards. However, thesis students applying for Skilling grants must describe how the receipt of this grant will enhance their thesis experience. Awards are not restricted to thesis students or seniors

APPLICATION: To apply for a Skilling Award students must submit a proposal to the Economics & Business Department. Each proposal must include at least the following sections:

  1. Title of the project
  2. Student Name(s), Major(s), CC ID #(s), Worner Box #(s), and expected graduating class year(s)
  3. Specific aims of the proposed project
  4. Reasons for pursuing this work including its contribution to your education at the College
  5. How work will be accomplished (procedures, research methods, activities, etc.)
  6. Description of the output (i.e. paper, report, journal, business plan, business, etc.)
  7. Expected preparation for this independent work, including courses, work experiences, extracurricular experiences that will enable applicant(s) to complete the project
  8. Available resources, including library resources, faculty resources, computers, other
  9. What does this award allow the applicant(s) to do that could not be done without the grant?
  10. Resume(s) must be attached
  11. Transcript(s) must be attached

Proposals should be short -- from two to three typed, single-spaced pages (excluding resumes and transcripts). Please submit the entire application (proposal, resume, transcript) as a single PDF to the Economics & Business Dept. program coordinator on a rolling basis throughout the academic year.

Each proposal must be sponsored by a faculty member/sponsor from the Economics and Business Department with whom the student will seek guidance while completing the work. Applicants will request the department faculty sponsor provide a written statement of support be forwarded directly to the program coordinator via email with the understanding that the proposal is not complete until the statement of support is received.

REQUIREMENTS: Upon completion of the project each individual or group is required to submit a brief written summary or abstract of the work (300 words). In addition, all award winners are required to make a presentation of their work to students and members of the department at the Spring Senior Research Symposium (typically week 2 of Block 8). Students also are highly encouraged to disseminate their work by other means such as an article in the Catalyst, Cipher, or through other publications/presentations. Recipients will have one year to complete their work, although seniors must complete their work before graduation and certainly with time to present at the Symposium.

NATIONAL RECOGNITION: Outstanding research papers will be considered for additional funding to enable the researcher(s) to present their work at a relevant regional or national professional conference.

QUESTIONS: Please contact the Department Chair with any questions you have about the award program. As you are developing your proposal you should talk to your faculty sponsor. Applicants may also wish to consider applying for a Venture Grant or Life Of The Mind Grant from the College, which are grants that support learning in a broader sense. Contact CC's Student Collaborative Research (SCoRE) Program Coordinator in the Advising Hub (1014 Weber) for more information on these opportunities.

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Award Winners


  • Claire Altieri
  • Tenzing Coburn
  • Elianna Clayton
  • Hayden Cogswell
  • Jack Gu
  • John Koerner
  • Eli Kranefuss
  • Aidan Longhurst
  • Keller Mochel
  • Emily Ng


  • Emily Abbott
  • Ali Baird
  • Beau Burns
  • Amy Bolton
  • Anna Brent
  • Lilly Chen
  • Riley Hutchings
  • Christian Kitchen
  • David Lamis
  • Eyner Roman Lopez
  • Patrick Mahoney
  • Nomfundo Mncina
  • Daniel Krueger