Women In Business

Mission: The purpose of Women in Business is to create an environment that encourages the development and empowerment of women in all business fields while promoting gender equity. 

2021-22 Women in Business Leadership:

President - Emma Devlin 


My name is Emma Devlin, and I am a sophomore at CC currently planning to major in Comparative Literature and Spanish. I am originally from Nashville, Tennessee and chose CC because of the location and block plan. I am excited to serve as the new president of the Women in Business Club and am prepared to create a welcoming community of empowering women. In my free time, I enjoy playing tennis and rugby, playing ukulele and piano, reading world literature, exploring nature, travelling, and meeting new people. 

Vice President - Ava Risser 


My name is Ava Risser, and I am a sophomore at CC currently planning in majoring in International Political Economy. I am originally from Bethesda, Maryland and chose CC after I was recruited to play on the women's soccer team. However, I also decided to come here because of the school's strong academics, emphasis on the outdoors, and the down to earth nature of the community. I am thrilled to serve as the new vice president of the Women in Business Club and am ready to do everything I can to foster an environment where club members can gain valuable insight and skills related to business while feeling like they're a part of a supportive close-knit community. I am also looking forward to organizing activities where we interact with the greater Colorado Springs community so that we can affect change on a broader scale. 

Communications Officer/Social Media Manager - Sasha Akinchina


My name is Sasha Akinchina, and I am a sophomore at CC interested in Business, Economics, and Society as well as English and Russian studies. I am from Colorado Springs, Colorado and chose CC because of the location, small class sizes, strong academics, and amazing people! I am excited to serve as the communications officer/social media manager of Women in Business club and be a part of the change in making resources both accessible and approachable, all while building an empowering community.

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