Colorado College Investment Club (CCIC)

The Colorado College Investment Club (CCIC) seeks to provide students across the entire campus with the opportunity to learn more about investing. The purpose of the club is to give its members an opportunity to practice and use the tools gained from CC courses and professors. This real world application serves to strengthen and ingrain students' knowledge of economics, markets and finance. CCIC also seeks to educate its members as well.

The CCIC would like to thank the Schlessman Foundation for their generous support of all CCIC activities. In an effort to increase transparency, links to the foundation's annual reports are available below as well as current holdings.

The Investment Club at large meets the 2nd Tuesday of each block. Be sure to email Mia Thurber, Investment Club President, or Dylan Wells, Investment Club VP, for the link and the time.

Guest speakers from the investment world at large are often invited to these meetings. 

All Colorado College students are invited to participate in the Investment Club. There are numerous opportunities to learn about investing and participate in portfolio decisions and management. Email the club leadership, for full details!

Portfolio groups meet intermittently throughout each block - as decided by each group.

For more information about the club or its investments, please contact Mia Thurber, President.

2022 Colorado College Investment Club Executive Board Members

President: Mia Thurber (Junior)

Vice President: Dylan Wells (Junior)

Diversity and Marketing Officer: Owen Brown (Sophomore)

Communications Director: Max Giles (Freshman)

Investment Portfolio Managers Portfolio Name
  • Jake S Smith (Junior)
  • Dylan Brown (Sophomore)
Beginner Portfolio
  • Zeke Lloyd (Sophomore)
  • Shelly Ai (Freshman)
Quant Portfolio
  • Ben Post (Sophomore)
  • Hunton Russell (Junior)
Sustainability Portfolio
  • CC Jeffers (Sophomore)
  • Alex Wimer (Junior)
Social Impact Portfolio

Interested in getting more involved? Sign up for the club using this link. Contact the CCIC President for full details and/or apply for any open (one that links to an application) position below:

Analyst Application

Communications Director Application

Portfolio Manager Application 

Schlessman Foundation Annual Reports

2018-19 & 2019-20 Combined

2016-17 & 2017-18 Combined





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