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Previous Theses

When writing a thesis or trying to come up with an idea of what to write, it can be helpful to look at other theses. Here are some previous theses which students have written. All the theses mentioned below have gotten awards. Happy reading! 

Remember that your thesis abstract is the first thing people read when looking for research papers. It appears in search results and is the key to researchers finding out whether your paper fits their needs. The thesis guidelines will help you write your abstract after your paper is written. Pay special attention to the thesis abstracts of the award winning theses listed below.

Robin Satterwhite Thesis Award  

Presented to the graduating senior who has done outstanding innovative independent research, either towards his/her senior thesis or some other economics project.

2017 - 2016

The New Glass Ceiling: Incarceration's Effects on Lifetime Wage Growth

2016 - 2015

Orchestrating Financial Health in Music: Nonprofit Organizations Getting in Tune with a Sustainable Model

Income Elasticity of Intra-Household Health Gaps in India

2015 - 2014

The Impact Of The Complete Food Environment On County-Level Obesity Rates

The Impact Of International Information Disclosure Requirements On Market Discipline

2014 - 2013

Accounting for purpose in the age of accountability : grounded theory and discretion in educational institutions

2013 - 2012

Modeling the Sustainability of Tourism in Leh, India "The Little Tibet": An Econometric Analysis   

A new approach to acquiring energy savings : an analysis of homeowner preferences for energy efficiency programs

2011 - 2012

Middle School Matters: A Duration Model Analysis

Self-Esteem, Education, and Wages Revisited

Ray O. Werner Thesis

Presented to the graduating senior who has written the most outstanding senior thesis. 

2017 - 2016

First Mover Advantage in Sequential Bertrand Markets: An Experimental Approach

Is It Economics, or the Bad Luck of a Conflict-Ridden DNA: A Study of the Causes of Civil War in the Middle East and North Africa

2016 - 2015

How Strategy Affects Performance: An Analysis of the Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility on Cost of Equity Capital

2015 - 2014

The impact of political violence on tourism in Nepal

The Effect of the Earned Income Tax Credit on the Intensive Margin of Labor Supply

2014 - 2013

Climate policy impacts : an endogenous optimization model and the regional greenhouse gas initiative

2013 - 2012

The hand of God or death : mitigating earthquake fatalities through aid and infrastructure

2012 - 2011

Stuck in a rut with primary products: the impact of colonization on trade and growth patterns

Quantitative Measures of Mortgage Market Instability 

Bruni Awards

Presented to senior thesis writers who show promise to produce their thesis results in a peer reviewed journal or to present the paper at a peer reviewed academic meeting. 

2017 - 2016

Stock Market of Students: Using Financial Models to Peer into the Risk-Return Universe of College Admissions Officers

Do Movies Age Like a Fine Wine, or Get Lost on Dusty Shelves?: A Study of Netflix User Ratings

Exploring the Association Between Stock Price and Accounting Performance Measures for the Pivoting Company: A Case Study of Logitech

2016 - 2015

5.0.0 Shades of Android: Determining App Preferences from User Reviews

The Impact of Political Violence on Tourism in Nepal

Experimental Findings and Adaptive Learning in a Five-player Centipede Game

2015 - 2014

Stock Price Response to Customer Satisfaction Changes: An Analysis of Nondurable and Durable Goods Manufacturers

Competitive Balance in the Champions League Era: How One Financially Unregulated Decade Has Altered the Competitive Behavior of English Premier League Soccer Clubs

Experimental findings and adaptive learning in a five-player Centipede game