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Seminar Series

Seminar Series 2018 – 2019

Colorado College Economics & Business Department

Supported by the H. Chase Stone Memorial Lecture Fund


Monday, September 3, 2 pm                          

(Block 1, Day 6)                                          

Palmer 128                                                 

Megan Day ‘94

Certified Urban and Regional Planner

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Wednesday, October 3, 2 pm                        

(Block 2, Day 8)                                         


Kelly See

Assistant Professor of Management

University of Colorado Denver

Monday, October 29, 2 pm                          

(Block 3, Day 6)                                          


Cassie Benson ‘12

PhD Candidate in Economics

Cornell University

Wednesday, November 7, 2 pm                   

(Block 3, Day 13)                                       

Casey R. Pickett

Director of the Carbon Charge

Yale University

Friday, November 30, 2 pm                           

(Block 4, Day 5)                                          

Wei Zhan

Assistant Professor of Economics

Hamilton College

Monday, February 4, 2 pm                           

(Block 5, Day 11)                                         

Richard Peterson

Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics

Colorado College

Monday, February 25, 2pm                          

(Block 6, Day 6)                                          

Nicholas Bollen  P’19

Professor of Finance

Vanderbilt University

 Thursday, April 4, 2 pm                                  

(Block 7, Day 9)                                            

Aradhya Sood ‘14

PhD Candidate in Economics

University of Minnesota

All talks will be in Palmer 121 (unless noted above, subject to change). 

Talks are scheduled to last up to 90 minutes.