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    Economics & Business Field Trips

    EC425 Professor Mann with Future Educators

    Professor Mann with future Nicaraguan Entrepreneurs!

    The "Coffee Marketing Challenge" with John Mann in Block 5 2018 is a farm-to-market marketing project connecting local artisanal coffee growers in the mountains of Nicaragua to craft coffee consumers in Colorado Springs. Students will work in teams to apply core marketing principles to define a target market, create and refine marketing concepts, and then produce and sell packaged coffee sourced from growers in Nicaragua. Teams will work with a craft coffee roaster in the Colorado Springs area for production and packaging. Course topics will include marketing principles such as positioning, differentiation, advertising, pricing, distribution channels, sales, accounting, and finance.

    The class will include a one-week trip to Nicaragua to live among the coffee growers and acquire insights into their lives and operations that will inform the subsequent marketing concept development. In addition to providing a real-world laboratory to apply and grow marketing skills, the course will provide an opportunity for students to develop appreciation for Nicaraguan history and culture, developing world economic systems, and entrepreneurial challenges. 

    EC425 Coffee Source Nicaragua (coffee bean peeling)EC425 Picking Coffee Beans (Coffee Source) with Onyx B. in NicaraguaEC425 Students shopping in Nicaragua (Jan. 2018)

     EC425 Students in Coffee Plants in Nicaragua (Jan. 2018) EC425 Original Hot Coffee

    EC425 Students Meeting with Locals in Nicaragua EC425 Public Transportation in Nicaragua

    EC425 Students at dinner in Nicaragua EC425 Students City Street