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    Thesis Awards

    Student Awards

    The department offers several different awards for students who have performed extraordinarily within  the department.  Short descriptions of the award follow.

    The David Preston Memorial Award for Sophomore Students

    The David Preston Memorial Award is awarded to sophomores who have not only excelled in their studies but also to students who, by being recognized with this award early in their Colorado College career, might be motivated to achieve even more during their last two years in college. This award was funded in memory of David Preston, by his parents. David was a student that was both an Economics major and also was a paraprofessional in the department for several years.

    Kenneth J. Curran Award

    The Kenneth J. Curran Award is the result of Curran’s deep commitment to the liberal arts ideal. It is given to the graduate in economics with the highest academic average in courses taken in the divisions of humanities and natural sciences, with a minimum of nine units outside the Economics Department.

    Kenneth J. and Elizabeth Hare Curran Award

    The Kenneth J. and Elizabeth Hare Curran Award is given each year to the outstanding senior graduate in Economics. The award is given in memory of Professor Kenneth J. Curran and his wife, Elizabeth Hare Curran. He was a beloved teacher of economics, chairman of the department, and dean of the college.

    Robert William Kaye Award

    The Robert William Kaye Award is presented to the outstanding economics major with strong performance in business courses. Robert Kaye was a business major in the Class of 1941. He served his country in World War II in the U.S. Marine Corps and was killed in action in March 1944. This award was established by the family and friends of Captain Kaye.

    Robert Rubin Award in Political Economy

    This award is given to the outstanding senior graduate in international political economy.

    Robert Rubin Award in Mathematical Economics

    This award is given to the outstanding senior graduate in mathematical economics.

    Phi Beta Kappa

    Presented to student(s) recommended by the faculty to join the Phi Beta  Kappa Society. Students are selected based on their exemplary academic record and civic achievement, including breadth of inquiry in the humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences.