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Major/Minor Requirements

The East Asian Languages Program, a part of the Department of German, Russian, and East Asian Languages, offers several levels of language and skill maintenance courses.  We now offer a minor in Chinese and a minor in Japanese. Students interested in a major should refer to the Asian Studies Program.

 THE CHINESE LANGUAGE MINOR (6 UNITS) (updated for fall 2019-20):

  • A minimum of 5 units of Chinese Language, including 1 unit of Advanced Chinese.
  • One (1) additional relevant course approved by the department. This course can be a literature or culture course or an advanced language course (CN302: Advanced Chinese II or CN401: Chinese Culture and Language).


  • A minimum of 5 units of Japanese Language, including 2 units of Advanced Japanese
  • One (1) relevant literature or culture course approved by the department

                                                                       AAdvanced Chinese Language Class with AFA Cadets