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    The Comparative Literature Major

    Applicable for the 2019-2020 academic year.


    11 units (in addition to language courses below level 306, and in addition to senior thesis work other than 431) required.

    1. 100: Introduction to Comparative Literature — 2 units.
    2. 2 units in courses listed (or cross-listed) as Comparative Literature 200, 220, 351 or 352 — 2 units.
    3. 210: Introduction to Literary Theory or EN250: Critical Practices — 1 unit.
    4. 300: Practice in Comparison — 1 unit.
    5. 310: Junior Seminar — 1 unit.
    6. Two courses above 300 level in literature, including one course in a foreign language at level 306 or above and either a second such course in a foreign language or an advanced English course — 2 units
    7. 391: Advanced literary theory or 390: Theory and Practice of Translation — 1 unit.
    8. 431: Senior Thesis (Prerequisite: 310) — 1 unit.  Senior students will be permitted to do a creative writing project or a translation project as a thesis under certain conditions and with approval of the program advisor.

    Note: As a rule, the senior thesis demands more than one block of writing and research. Students are encouraged to take one independent study block of preparation with their primary thesis reader (usually during the block preceding the thesis block).

    Download a PDF of the major requirements and checklist.

    Literature and Other Disciplines Track

    Comparative literature majors who have a special interest in the study of literature and other disciplines may elect this program.  They must fulfill all the requirements of the comparative literature major AND

    1. A minimum of three units in the other discipline appropriate to their program of study including an introductory or methodological course (1 or 2 units) in the other discipline;
    2. Students are strongly encouraged to take topics courses listed as CO220 or CO352;
    3. The thesis must reflect the course of study; and
    4. All of the above courses and the thesis topic must be approved by the program advisor.