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Comp Lit Majors

Madeleine Agnew - 2016


Elizabeth Conant - 2016

Hometown: Davis, California. Elizabeth enjoys cooking, the outdoors, visiting museums and traveling anywhere where she can gain a new perspective. She chose to major in Comparative Literature after taking it as her FYE class. “It changed my perspective on literature and life; and when I learned how easily I could combine Comp. Lit. with studying foreign languages I couldn’t wait to sign up.”


Ana Freeman - 2014

HannahHannah Sayle - 2015

Hometown:  Ashland, Oregon. Hannah is inspired by storytelling, both audio and written, and her personal goal for this year is to create an NPR-type station on the SOCC using podcasts to record all the campuses activities. She loves the Comparative Literature Department because it “feels more like a ‘Liberal Arts and Sciences’ major, with all the support of an established major program.”

Lucas Schaffer - 2014

Madeleine Schmidt - 2016

Lindsay Semel - 2015

Hometown: Armonk, New York.  Lindsay’s inspiration comes from “people who devote their entire lives to something.” She chose Comparative Literature because it allowed the freedom to focus on the literature she really cares about, as well as enjoying the rigor and diversity of the classes.


Anna Tinnell - 2014

Star Zhang - 2015

Hometown: Beijing, China. Star left her home at the age of 15 to come to the United States by herself to attend high school. In her own words, "It was the biggest and bravest life transition I've ever made". She has always loved languages, and she saw how the Comparative Literature Program was a good way to combine multiple languages into one major, and in her future she hopes to improve her Chinese language ability academically.