Resources for Students

Tutt Library

Classics material is in Reference (dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc.) on the floor.

  • A major resource in PA is the Loeb Classical Library, hundreds of volumes of Greek and Latin text with facing English translations, Greek shelved at PA3612, Latin at PA6156--photo at the Loeb site (scroll down).


Online Materials

Perseus is a large database prepared by generations of classicists led by Greg Crane of Tufts University: searchable Greek and Roman texts, translations, commentaries, dictionaries, images of art objects and reference works. The Greek and Roman texts are hypertextually manipulable--a click elicits a popup word-study tool linking to a full dictionary entry helpful in translating.

  • The Chicago Homer is a searchable hypertext of Greek epic (Homer, the Homeric hymns, Hesiod) with English and German translations and links to the Perseus dictionary. Particularly helpful are the bracketed phrases which are searchable as pieces of the formulaic diction.
  • The Stoa is a consortium of classical web materials--on Athenian democracy, women in antiquity, panoramas of archaeological sites, and much more. Links to classical blogs, sites promoting web freedom, etc.
  • Lacus Curtius is a huge Roman-studies resource site (texts, photos, reference guides, history), the labor of love of Chicagoan Bill Thayer.
  • TLG, the Thesaurus Linguae Graecae is the whole of Greek literature from Homer to Late Antiquity, assembled since the 1970s by two generations of classicists, based at UC/Irvine and available online by subscription. Some of it is usable free.
  • The Latin Library is plain Latin text of a wide variety of authors.
  • Μικρος Αποπλους somewhat similar resource for ancient and later Greek texts, some with English translations.


Colorado Classics Association

Classical Association of the Middle West and South


American Philological Association

Archaeological Institute of America

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