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Britta Ager

Britta Ager

Britta Ager is a visiting faculty member in the Colorado College Classics department, where she teaches classes on Greek, Latin, classical magic, Roman history, and the ancient environment and agriculture. 


Her research specialties include ritual and religion in the classical world, sensory studies, and ancient farming manuals. She is currently finishing a book about scent and ancient magic, and looking forward to starting one on agriculture and public reputation at Rome. Her recent publications include articles on Apuleius’ “Cupid and Psyche”, a charm to get rid of caterpillars in Columella, and the connections between witches, perfume, and cosmetics in ancient poetry.


Britta earned a PhD in Classical Studies at the University of Michigan, where she wrote a dissertation on magic in Roman agriculture, and she received her BA at Kenyon College.

Fields: Ancient Magic & Agriculture