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Classics Majors

Gaelle Delisle - 2015 (CL)

Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland. Gaelle's favorite book is Pride and Prejudice and her dream job would be a

Doctor specializing in infectious diseases. 



Andie Estella - 2015 (CL)

Hometown: Manilla Philippines. Andie has always been interested in Mythology, with Ancient Greece and Rome being her favorite time periods, so when she learned she could major in the Classics, she was very excited. She also loves the

flexibility of being a Classic major, with the flexibility and varied subjects including: drama, history, culture,

sports and sexuality!

You can read her blog here: 

Emily Kohut - 2015 (CL)






Caitlyn MacCollum - 2015 (CL)

 Susannah Post - 2015 







Carly Stafford -2016 (CL) 

Hometown: Littleton, Colorado. Carly has an adventure everyday. She lives with a physically and emotionally taxing neurological condition that affects her life everyday in positive ways! She chose to major in Classics because she enjoys seeing how certain values and traditions transcend through time to the present day.