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Nate Bower


Nate's Home Page

Research Summary

Nate Bower has on-going research interests in the application of analytical chemistry to questions in archaeology, art and material culture conservation, ecology, the fate and transport of chemicals in the environment, forensic science, and numismatics. He usually works in collaboration with students and faculty from other disciplines, crossing the traditional boundaries of chemistry. Recent work has focused primarily on applications involving isotopes or chemical ecology.

Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications

(* with student co-authors)

N. W. Bower, D. C. Stulik, and E. Doehne*, A Critical Evaluation of the Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope for the Analysis of Paint Fragments in Art Conservation, Fresenius J. Anal. Chem., 348, 402-410 (1994)

J. Kantner, N. Bower, J. Ladwig*, J. Perlitz*, S. Hata*, and D. Greve*, “Interaction Among Great House Communities: An Elemental Analysis of Cibolan Ceramics”, In Great House Communities Across the Chacoan Landscape, Anthropological Papers of the University of Arizona, No. 64, J. Kantner and N. Mahoney, eds., The Univ. of Arizona Press, Tucson, 130-146 (2000).

P. P. Jung*, N. W. Bower, M. A. Snyder, D. W. Lehmpuhl, “A Novel Application of Air-sampling Canisters: Selective Herbivory Associated with Monoterpene Emission from Ponderosa Pine,” Amer. Lab. News, 33 (4), 50-52 (2001)

A. J. Moore* and N. W. Bower, “Chemometric Analysis of Compositional Variation in Bison and Cow Patties: A Biogeochemistry – Environmental Chemistry Experiment,” Chemical Educator, 6 (2), 86-90 (2001)

N. W. Bower, “A Comparative Study of Predictors of Student Performance in General Chemistry under the Block Plan at Colorado College,” J. of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, 3 (1), 4-13 (2002)

C. A. Heimbuck* and N. W. Bower, “Optimizing the Analysis of Cocaine on Money Using GC-MS: A Cross-Disciplinary Undergraduate Laboratory” J. Chem. Ed., 79(10), 1254-1256 (2002)

S. Kelso, N. W. Bower, K. E. Heckmann,* P. M. Beardsley,* and D. G. Greve,* “Geobotany of the Niobrara Chalk Barrens in Colorado: A Study of Edaphic Endemism and Rarity,” West. N. Amer. Nat., 63 (3), 299-313 (2003)

S. Kelso, N. Bower, P. Halteman,* K. Tenney,* and S. Weaver, “Dune communities of SE Colorado: patterns of rarity, disjunction and succession,” In Southwestern Rare and Endangered Plants: Proceedings of the Fourth Conference, Las Cruces, NM, March 22-26, 2004, P. Barlow-Irick, J. Anderson, and C. McDonald, tech. eds., Proceedings RMRS-P-48CD, Fort Collins, CO: USDA, Forest Service, pp 39-46 (July, 2007)

W. R. Wieder* and N. W. Bower, “A Fire History of the Aiken Canyon Grassland/Woodland Ecotone in the Southern Foothills of the Colorado Front Range,” The Southwestern Naturalist, 49 (2) 239-243 (2004)

N. W. Bower, S. R. Getty, C. P. Smith,* Z. R. Simpson,* and J. M. Hoffman, “Lead isotope analysis of intra-skeletal variation in a 19th century mental asylum cemetery: Diagenesis versus migration,” International J. of Osteoarchaeology, 15 (5), 360-370 (2005)

M. A. Snyder and N. W. Bower, “Resistance to Bark Beetle Attack in Caribbean Pine: Potential Role of 4-Allylanisole,” Biotropica, 37 (4), 702-705 (2005)

H. Drossman, J. Meyer,* N. Bower, “Radioimmunoassay of Morphine in Urine from Ingestion of Poppy Seeds: A Research-Based Laboratory,” Chemical Educator, 11(3), 190-195 (2006)

N. W. Bower, Y. Yasutomo,* M. F. Oxenham, Nguyen L. C., and Nguyen K. T. “Preliminary Reconstruction of Diet at a Neolithic Site in Vietnam Using Stable Isotope and Ba/Sr Analyses,”, Bull. of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Assoc., 26, 79-85 (2006)

N. W. Bower, S. A. McCants,* J. M. Custodio,* M. E. Ketterer, S. R. Getty and J. M. Hoffman, “Human Lead Exposure in a Late 19th Century Mental Asylum Population,” Science of the Total Environment, 372, 463-473 (2007)

J. J. Emerick,* A. I. Snyder,* N. W. Bower, and M. A. Snyder, “Mountain Pine Beetle Attack Associated with Low Levels of 4-Allylanisole in Ponderosa Pine,”Environmental Entomology, 37 (4), 871-5 (2008)


    B.A., College of Wooster (1973)

    Ph.D., Oregon State University (1977)