Past Senior Thesis Titles

Thesis Titles2011

  • A History of Xenophobia: The Latent Anti-Chinese Sentiments Galvanizing the Tibet Movement in America (2011)
  • Effective Methods of Teaching Mandarin to American Students (2011)
  • The Liminal Half: On Space and Identity Formation in Half-Japanese Youth in Japan (2011)


  • Discovering Chinese in Chinese American Cinema: Addressing the Complexities of Hybrid Identities (2010)
  • Kecak, Tourism and New Creation in Balinese Performing Arts (2010)
  • Sex, Luxury Goods, and Kabuki: Conspicuous Display in the Textile Arts of Genroku Japan (2010)
  • Occidentalism: Japanese Perspectives of America, 1860-1871 (2010)
  • Gays in Japan: Changing Concepts of Sexual Behavior and Identity (2010)


  • China's Sport Ethos: Understanding the Role of Sport in China in the 20th Century (2009)
  • Understanding Sacred Space: Religion and Landscapes of Tibet and Colorado
  • Nihon no Tabemono: A Study of Japanese Food Culture from 1868 to Present Day (2009)


  • Reforming Japan: The Evolution of Economic and Social Practices in the Heisei Era (2008)
  • China's Hydroelectric Dam Development on the Lancang River (2008)
  • The Socio-Political Implications of Homosexuality in Modern Day China (2008)
  • Metal Musical Subcultures in Nepal and Southeast Asia (2008)
  • Someday My Prince Will Come: The Scholar's Role in the Chinese Cinderella Story (2008)
  • Narco-Terrorists or Ethnic Nationalist Parties? Investigations into Ethnic Insurgency in Burma's Golden Triangle (2008)


  • The Importance of Martial Arts in China as seen through the Eyes of the Yihe Quan during the Boxer Rebellion, 1896-1901 (2007)
  • Yasukuni and its Impact on Japanese Foreign Relations (2007)
  • The Long Road to Rapprochement: Twenty Years of Sino-Japanese Economic Diplomacy (2007)


  • Engendering the Danwell: Towards Women's Liberation in China (2006)
  • Spiritual Poverty: The Struggle of Youth in Modern Japan (2006)
  • Food as Chinese Cultural Identity (2006)


  • Peking Opera (2005)
  • Guquin: The Modern Usage of an Ancient Instrument (2005)
  • The Effects of China's New Environmental Management: Hydroelectric Dams of the Past and Present (2005)
  • Guqin: The Modern Usage of an Ancient Instrument (2005)


  • Secrets of Shiato's Success: Transcending Conventions, Engaging Traditions (2004)
  • Political Culture: An Issue Facing Nepalese Democracy (2004)
  • The Relationship Between Tibetan Education and Ethnic Identity (2004)
  • Big Mac Attacked: Exploring the Social and Cultural Meanings of the Japanese Favorite, Ramen (2004)
  • Japanese Annexation and Assimilation of Ezo and the Role of the Cartographic Enterprise (2004)


  • Changing the Meaning of Motherhood: An Investigation of the One Child Policy in China Through Urban Only-Child Daughters Themselves (2003)
  • Idealizing Expectations: American Policies Towards China In The Last 20 Years (2003)


  • Stories of Difference: An Examination of Japanese Shoojo manga and the Relationship between Gay Men and Straight Women (2002)
  • Political Divergence and Economic Integration: The Interdependence of China and Taiwan (2002)
  • Sex, Drugs, and Women Who Roll Their "R's": A Study of the Women of Japanese Independent Rock (2002)
  • Marketized Medicine in Rural China: The Shift to a Socialist Market Economy and the Effects on the Accessibility of Affordable Medical Care (2002)
  • BILING-ILAW: A Non-Western Discourse on the Socio-Economic and Cultural Deterioration of the Philippines Leading to the Prostitution Epidemic (2002)


  • What makes Japan's convenience stores successful?: Contribution to society (2001)
  • The Effects of toys and spatial mapping skills in a blind child's development: a cross-cultural study (2001)
  • Reform Japanese Health Care: A Study of Cultural and Economic Problems Facing the Japanese Nation in the 21st Century (2001)
  • A comparison between education in Tibet and Tibetan education in exile in Dharamsala, India (2001)
  • US firms participating within the Japanese economy: commitment and adaptation (2001)


  • I am: Identity and Twentieth century Chinese art (2000)
  • Chinese women of the Tang and Song (2000)
  • Lu Xun and Montesquieu: a madman's diary, a harem revolt, and the role of the writer in revolution (2000)
  • Starbucks vs. Godzilla: changes in coffee culture in Japan (2000)
  • The Menopause Experience: a cross cultural study between Japan and the United States (2000)
  • The modern reformation of Zen Buddhist monastic life in America (2000)


  • Government use of media and masses to overtake native lands: a comparison of the Han Chinese takeover of Tibet and the United States takeover of Native American lands (1999)
  • An intellectual property rights case study: the American sound recording company in China (1999)
  • Must the lesser mirror the greater? : a look into the downturn of the Japanese economy (1999)
  • Power and energy in China: a coming environmental crisis (1999)


  • American psychology's transcendental pretense of a globally constructed discipline and its effects on the Japanese participant (1998)
  • Digesting Japan: obento: a cultural window into understanding Japanese mother-child relationships and societal expectations for motherhood (1998)


  • Lords and law in ancient Asia: concept of law and rule in India and China (1996)
  • Ru Shi, Chu Shi: Chinese philosophy as seen through the life and poetry of Wang Wei (1996)
  • Nationalism and the cultural revolution in Hong Kong (1996)


  • Reconciling sustainability and development in mountain regions: a journey on the development paths of two rural villages in Nepal (1994)


  • The social history and modern function of the Japanese work ethic (1993)
  • Development, conservation, and tourism in developing countries: two case studies of Thailand (1993)


  • The liberalization of the Japanese rice market (1991)
  • The modernization of the Chinese people's liberation army's military doctrine (1991)
  • The cultural rape of Okinawa (1991)


  • The many faces of Zhou Yang: Zhou Yang's life and literary career from 1929 to 1942 (1989)


  • Tibet real/ideal: an analysis of the political and cultural importance of Tibet (1980)
  • Evaluation of the orangutan rehabilitation process at Sepilok Rehabilitation Center in Malaysia (1980)
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