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Gaylord Prize

Gaylord Prize and Asian Studies Prize for Independent Student Research in Asian Area Studies

The Program in Asian Studies is pleased to announce the competition for the Gaylord Prize and the Asian Studies Prize for Independent Student Research in Asian Area Studies. The Gaylord Prize has been made possible by the Gaylord Endowment for support of teaching and scholarly development in Asian Area Studies at The Colorado College, while the Asian Studies Prize is funded through the Asian Studies Program.


The purpose of these prizes is to encourage and support in dependent work by students interested in Asian Studies. Prizes will be awarded for projects by both individuals and small groups. Students are encouraged to consider group projects in which they can learn and motivate each other. Independent work will be broadly interpreted to include both independent research and other projects that enhance understanding of the Asian region.


The minimum awards will be in the amount of $300. This base award is intended as a prize to encourage independent research and no justification for its use is required. If foreign travel is justified in the research proposal, students must apply to at least one additional funding source, such as the Venture Grant Committee, and include a budget in their proposal. If that effort is unsuccessful or if funds for travel are still inadequate, the Prize Committee will consider travel grants of up to $1,000. In no case will awards exceed $1,000 per proposal.


There are two competitions for the Gaylord Prize in the fall and spring. Proposals must be submitted to the History department secretary by 3:00 p.m., the first Friday of Block 3 for the fall competition, and the third Friday of Block 6 for the spring competition. Students will be notified of the committee's decision by the fourth Friday of the respective block during which they have applied. The committee will make awards on the basis of the merits of the proposal, the contribution of the proposal to the student's (s') education and indication of the individual or group's ability to complete an independent project. Funding is available for several projects to receive awards for this round of competition. Note: Venture Grant proposals are due by the second Friday of the block and decisions are made the following Thursday.

Academic Credit:

Students may receive academic credit for this work with the consent of their academic sponsor if they are registered in an approved course. Academic credit, however, is not necessarily associated with a project.


To apply for a research prize you must submit a proposal to The Asian Studies program. Each proposal must include at least the following sections:

  1. Title of the project.
  2. Name(s) and class(es) of applicant(s).
  3. Specific aims of the proposed project
  4. Reason for pursuing this work including its contribution to your education at the college.
  5. How the work will be done (procedures, research methods, activities, etc.
  6. A description of the output; i.e., a paper, a report, a journal, etc.
  7. Your preparation for this independent work, including courses, work experience, extra curricular experience that will enable you to complete the project.
  8. Available resources, including library resources, faculty resources, computers, other (enclose a bibliography).
  9. Resume(s) must be attached.
  10. Transcript(s).
  11. Other funding applications for this project. If funding of foreign travel is requested, please enclose a budget. Please note that preference will be given to proposals from students with language experience relevant to their intended destination.
  12. A timetable detailing when each stage of the project as well as when the entire project is to be completed.
  13. A letter of support from faculty sponsor (must be a faculty member of the Asian Studies Program).

Proposals should be short- from two to three typed, single-spaced pages (excluding resumes and transcripts).

Each proposal must be sponsored by a faculty member of the Asian Studies Program. You are encouraged to discuss your proposal with an appropriate faculty member and to seek guidance while you are doing the work. A written statement of support from a faculty member must be included with your proposal.


First, second, and third-year recipients will have one year to complete their work. Seniors must complete their work before graduation. Upon completion of the project, each individual or group is required to submit a brief written project completion report to the Prize Committee. In addition all award winners will be required to make a presentation of their work to a student/faculty group. Students are highly encouraged to disseminated their work through Asia Forum and by other means such as an article in the Catalyst or the Cipher.


All applicants must have taken at least two courses in Asian

Area Studies, the second unit may be completed during the grant period.


Please contact Professor John Williams with any questions you have about the award program.