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Major/Minor Requirements

Applicable for the 2018-2019 academic year.


Students majoring in Asian studies must successfully complete a minimum of 11 blocks of Asian studies and related courses. These courses will include six (eight if elementary language is included) required courses. In addition, students must take at least five electives. Including Elementary Language, the total will be 13 blocks.

The structure of the major is as follows: There must be a minimum of two blocks of language, the one-block interdisciplinary core course (PA 290), a disciplinary methods course, five electives, the senior seminar, and one block of senior thesis.

Required Courses:

1. Two blocks of an Asian language at the intermediate level or beyond. (Two blocks)

2. The interdisciplinary core PA 290: Studying Asia. (One block)

3. One methodological perspective outside Asia to provide a disciplinary foundation for the thesis: For example, History of Cultural and Social Anthropology, Critical Practice, Theory and Practice of Literature, Studying History, State Formation and Social Movement, Economics of International Trade, Comparative Music Theory, and Sociological Research Methods. Other appropriate courses may fulfill this requirement with advisors' approval.

4. Five elective courses from at least two disciplines (Five blocks):

  • Three of these courses should be directly relevant to the Asian language the student has studied.
  • Two of the electives must be at the 300 level.
  • One of these five courses may be a 300-level language course relevant to the major.

5. Senior Seminar (PA 406). (One block)

  • You must take this course BEFORE your senior thesis block (PA400).
  • This course is ONLY offered first semester; please plan your senior year accordingly.

6. Senior Thesis (PA 400). (One block)

* Students may count one (and only one) course from another major or minor toward their Asian studies major.

List of Previous Thesis Titles


Students pursuing a minor in Asian studies must successfully complete a minimum of six blocks of Asian studies courses. These courses include two units of beginning language study (Chinese, Japanese, or other Asian languages which are taught through accredited programs in the United States or abroad). Students must take Studying Asia (PA290) as the Integrative Experience. In addition, students must choose three additional courses listed under the Asian Studies Program. One of these three courses can be an Asian language course at the 200 level. Students are expected to choose their courses with consideration for coherence and relation to the Asian language they studied.