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Jonathan Lee


Representative Publications

"I Am Because We Are": Readings in Black Philosophy, edited with introductions by Fred Lee Hord and Jonathan Scott Lee (Amherst: University of Massachusetts Press, 1995).

Jacques Lacan (Amherst: University of Massachusetts Press, 1991).

"'. . . if one had the power to look at the god in oneself'--Metaphysics as Hermeneutics in the Aesthetics of Plotinus," in John Hendrix and Liana De Girolami Cheney (eds.), Neoplatonic Aesthetics: Music, Literature, and the Visual Arts (New York: Peter Lang Publishing, 2004).

“The Practice of Plotinian Physics,” in Neoplatonism and Nature, ed. by Michael F. Wagner (Albany: SUNY Press, 2002), pp. 23-42.

"The Testament of Julius Nyerere," in Judith Mbula Bahemuka and Joseph L. Brockington (eds.), East Africa in Transition: Communities, Cultures, and Change (Nairobi: Acton Publishers, 2001), 208-223.

"Deconstructing the Great Chain of Being"

"Mimesis and Beyond: Mallarmé, Boulez, and Cage," in Richard Kostelanetz (ed.), Writings About John Cage (Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 1993), 180-212.

"Bodily Transcendence," a collaborative project with artist, Nancy Spero, PsychCritique: The International Journal of Critical Psychology and Psychoanalysis 2 (1987):271-291. 

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Regular Classes

PH 201 History of Modern Philosophy

PH 203 French Philosophy in Context: 1930 to the Present (taught in Paris)

PH 265 Sigmund Freud

PH 282 Africana Philosophy

PH 302 20th Century Continental Philosophy

PH 360 Philosophy and Psychoanalysis


    A.B., Temple University, 1973
    M.A., University of Connecticut, 1974
    Ph.D., University of Connecticut, 1978