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Pre-Architecture Program

This list of Colorado College courses provides a framework for liberal arts students who wish to explore interests in architecture, landscape architecture, and urban planning.

For those who intend to pursue a career in the field, such a curriculum will provide a background that, combined with further independent work, internships and portfolio development, can lead to graduate degree work at other institutions.

Relevant degrees with years of study, are: Master of Architecture (3 years), Master of Landscape Architecture (3 years), Master of City and Regional Planning (2 years). Since not all of these classes can be fitted into a four-year schedule, especially in addition to major requirements, students should combine some advanced level work in their respective divisions (natural sciences, social sciences or humanities) with a broad selection of other courses.

Coursework in a variety of areas is important because of the interdisciplinary nature of architecture and related fields.

Division of Humanities

Art Studio

* AS101 Basic Studio: introduction to Three-dimensional Design
* AS103, 203 Drawing
*AS 212 Design Workshop: Architectural Emphasis
AS220 Photography
*AS310 Topics in Architectural Design
AS214 Sculpture

(Student should draw regularly outside of class, with a goal of being able to record three-dimensional concepts quickly and accurately.)

Art History

* AH111 History of Architecture or
* AH112 Introduction to Art History
Upper division courses with a substantial architecture component

Natural Sciences Division

Environmental Science

EV121 Introduction to Environmental Science
EV141 Sustainable Development
EV208 Ecology
EV272 American Environmental History
EV275 Nature and Society


PC141and PC142 Introductory Physics I and II or
PC241 and PC242 Introductory Classical Physics


*MA125 Pre-Calculus and Calculus;
MA126 Calculus I
MA235 Computer Graphics

Social Science Division

Political Science

PS200 American Politics and Government PS316 State and Local Government *ACM Urban Studies Program, with opportunities to intern

Thematic Minors

Environmental Issues, Urban Studies, Southwest Studies, The Arts: Theory and Practice, Urban Art in Context or other minors dealing with history, culture or themes/issues.

Study Abroad

Any international studies experience, particularly programs with an architectural emphasis.

Other recommendations

Areas of study: courses in human cultures in the Humanities and Social Sciences; courses in values and actions, as well as foreign languages.

Specific Recommended Courses

HY105 Civilization in the West
AN102 Cultural Anthropology
PH219 Introduction to Logic
MU150 Music in Western Culture
PY100 Intro to Psychology
EC150 Principles of Economics
PY/SO109 Social Psychology
SO314 Sociology of Culture
SO100 Thinking Sociologically

*Strongly recommended