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    Museum Studies Major

    Museum Studies Major | Department Involvement

    The Museum Studies Concentration introduces students to the theories and practices of the museum while offering an additional lens through which they may understand their study of art history.  The concentration explores the museum as a site for the construction, interpretation, and dissemination of knowledge and as a site for examination of issues museums face in today's society.  Coursework is supplemented by visitors from a broad range of museum backgrounds and opportunities to engage with the Fine Arts Center at Colorado College Museum.

    Art Major: Museum Studies Concentration

    Advice for Majors

    Majors in the Museum Studies track are required to declare their major by the end of their sophomore year. In conjunction with their advisors, they should articulate a clear question, idea, theme, issue, or line of inquiry in the major and choose courses that relate meaningfully to each other and to their overall program.

    The Museum Studies Concentration in the art major requires:

    • five units of art history
    • three units of art studio
    • two units of museum studies
    • two electives appropriate to the student’s course of study
    • a two-unit senior capstone project  

    The electives from outside the Art Department may be taken in a discipline relevant to the students’ area of focus (e.g. Anthropology, Chemistry, History, Education, Economics, Psychology, Sociology, Southwest Studies) chosen in consultation with the advisor. Courses must be approved by the advisor in advance. The two-block capstone includes senior seminar (AH412) and a thesis project (AH416 or 416). The thesis should demonstrate a thoughtful synthesis of the student's coursework. The thesis may take a wide variety of different forms and outcomes that will be determined in consultation with the thesis advisor.

    For students double-majoring, please be aware of the all college policy that in no case may more than three courses within the majors overlap.

    Art Major Planning Worksheets

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    Department Involvement

    We encourage majors to involve themselves in Art Department activities: lectures, field trips, workshops, teas.

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