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    Integrative Design and Architecture (IDA) Major

    IDA Major | Department Involvement

    The Integrative Design and Architecture Concentration emphasizes the study of the built environment in a broad perspective that combines studio work with the study of the history of architecture and its political, social, economic, philosophical and environmental implications.  It is not a narrowly pre-professional major, but provides students with a strong foundation in the visual arts supplemented with multidisciplinary coursework intended to prepare them to use their visual skills in solving problems, communicating ideas and engaging with social and political issues.  This curriculum provides a background that can lead to graduate study in architecture, landscape architecture, or urban planning among others.  Coursework is supplemented by an active program of workshops and visitors supported by the Conway Design Fund.

    Art Major: Integrative Design and Architecture (IDA) Concentration

    Advice for Majors

    Declare your major as soon as you are relatively certain of it. Select an advisor in the Art Department -- consult him or her frequently.

    The integrative design and architecture concentration in the art major requires five units of art studio, four units of art history, three units from other departments, and a two-unit senior capstone project. For students double-majoring, please be aware of the all college policy that in no case may more than three courses within the majors overlap.

    Art Studio - 5 units required


    AS102 Art Studio Foundations: 2-D Design

    AS103 Art Studio Foundations: Drawing

    AS110 Topics in Studio Art: Design and Architecture topics

    AS114 Art Studio Foundations: 3-D design

    AS207 Technical Drawing

    AS210 Intermediate Topics in Studio Art: Architecture topics

    AS212 Design Workshop

    AS401 Special Studio Problems: Graphics Research Lab

    AS401 Special Studio Problems: Independent work relevant to Architecture

    Relevant courses abroad: e.g. DIS in Copenhagen, Syracuse University in Florence, Temple University in Rome. Remember only three courses taken at another institution can be counted towards the major.

    Art History - 4 units required

    Art History builds cross-cultural awareness and visual literacy.

    Electives - 3 units required

    Three electives in environmental science, physics, performance design, political science, sociology or other relevant disciplines chosen from a current list in consultation with the student’s advisor. Courses must be approved by the advisor in advance.

    Capstone - 2 units required

    A two-block capstone, including senior seminar (AH412 or AS411) and a thesis project (AS411 or AH415). The thesis may take the form of a studio project/proposal with an architecture, urbanism, landscape design focus, and a written discussion and public presentation, or it might be a written thesis on a related topic.

    Art Major Planning Worksheets

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    Department Involvement

    Involve yourself in Art Department activities: lectures, field trips, workshops, student organizations, and life drawing. Work on your art, above and beyond your class assignments.

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