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    Art Major: Art History Concentration

    Advice for Majors

    Declare your major as soon as you are relatively certain of it. Select an advisor in the Art Department -- consult her or him frequently.

    Art Studio - 4 units required

    Whenever possible:

    Take basic studio or introduction to drawing in your first or second year.

    Art History - 10 units required

    The ten art history courses shall include eight electives and the two-block senior capstone experience (AH412, NY trip/Senior Seminar, and AH415, Senior Thesis). No more than two of the electives can be at the introductory level. Majors are strongly encouraged to choose a broad range of courses, both chronological and geographical, exploring the department’s offerings in both western and global cultures.

    Foreign Study

    If at all possible participate in a foreign study program or take a CC block abroad. Investigate the possibilities early. You may wish to study in a country whose language and/or art you are particularly interested in. Many study abroad programs offer art history courses. Remember only three courses taken at another institution can be counted towards the major.

    Language Requirement

    Although the Art Department does not have a foreign language requirement, students who are considering graduate studies in art history should study at least one foreign language.

    Art Major Planning Worksheets

    Department Involvement

    We encourage majors to involve themselves in Art Department activities: lectures, field trips, workshops, teas.