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Art History

Specializing in Asian, Ancient/Medieval, Renaissance/Baroque, and Modern. The primary goal of the concentration in art history is to introduce a wide variety of liberal arts students to the achievements of both western and eastern art and to develop their sensitivity to the visual environment. The study of art history incorporates intellectual, social, economic and political history, thus offering a vivid and tangible entrée to the history and achievements of human culture. In addition, we believe that art history is an excellent liberal arts major that provides a solid intellectual foundation for students with a variety of interests. We hope to prepare our majors for graduate study or careers in the visual arts, areas pursued by more than half of our graduates, as well as to meet the needs of majors who choose to pursue careers in other fields. Our program is structured to ensure that our majors have a general knowledge of art history and are capable of thoughtful analysis of the visual language of works of art. Majors should understand the relationship between works of art and their historical contexts. Each major is required to write a thesis that demonstrates her/his ability to examine an art historical problem, to carry out independent research and analysis and to express the results in a literate manner.