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Andy Tirado

Andy Tirado3D Arts Shop Supervisor

As the shop supervisor, Andy maintains the 3D Arts facility and assists art classes and individual studio art students with a wide variety of projects. Besides his regular duties, Andy oversees the spring semester Arts and Crafts adjuncts and teaches the adjunct course in woodworking.

From 1998 until early in 2012, Andy created commercial art projects ranging from custom props to film and video sets to custom cabinetry. Since then, Andy has transitioned back into creating fine art.

From 1988 until the present, Andy has worked as Seminar Faculty for the Marie Walsh Sharpe Art Foundation’s Summer Seminar for gifted visual art students, which is held at the Colorado College.

Andy and his wife Nan live in Colorado Springs and have five children, the eldest of whom is a member of the CC class of 2015.