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The Art Department at Colorado College is a joint art history/art studio department both in name and spirit. We believe that neither of the two branches of our discipline can be meaningfully studied without the other. The department offers a variety of classes at both the introductory and advanced levels. Lower level courses introduce beginning students to art and support the college's general education requirements, while upper level courses provide a strong program for majors and contribute to several interdisciplinary minors. Students major in art with a concentration in either art history or art studio, but they also do considerable coursework (four courses) in the other area. Senior majors are expected to undertake substantive independent work which results in a thesis in art history or an exhibition of their work in art studio.

The Art Department maintains an active program of events including visiting artists, speakers workshops, etc., which enrich our classes and also help draw the attention of the campus community to the visual arts. In addition, during Senior Seminar, all senior art majors spend a week in New York with faculty to visit museums, galleries and meet with alumni. We also offer courses abroad in Paris and Rome. The substantial income from the department's endowment, the Harold E. Berg Fund, supports these programs.

Art History

The primary goal of the concentration in art history is to introduce a wide variety of liberal arts students to the achievements of both western and eastern art and to develop their sensitivity to the visual environment. The study of art history incorporates intellectual, social, economic and political history, thus offering a vivid and tangible entrée to the history and achievements of human culture. In addition, we believe that art history is an excellent liberal arts major that provides a solid intellectual foundation for students with a variety of interests. Our program is structured to ensure that our majors have a general knowledge of art history and are capable of thoughtful analysis of the visual language of works of art. 

Art Studio

The art studio program aims to acquaint a wide variety of liberal arts students with the fundamentals basic to visual art, and for these students to experience the creative processes, both conceptual and technical, used in the planning and production of works of art. In addition, we strive to graduate majors who have a solid foundation for further study or careers in the visual arts. We are also responsible for meeting the needs of majors who choose to pursue other vocations.

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