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Student Anthropology Society


Student Anthropological Society Constitution 2011-2012

  • Our Goal is to promote anthropological knowledge to the community; we encourage people from diverse academic disciplines, perspectives and backgrounds to participate.
  • There are three co-chair positions. Individuals will be elected to these positions by popular vote of club members for the next academic year at the end of 7th block. The exact number of co-chairs may vary from year to year if approved by a majority vote of the club.
  • Meetings will be held every 1st Tuesday of the block at 1:30pm, and every 3rd Tuesday at 12:15pm. These meetings are open to anyone.
  • Events will be provided to the campus and greater Colorado Springs community on a regular basis. Events must be related to areas of anthropological interest.
  • No individual wishing to be in the organization will be excluded except in cases of disrespectful or harmful behavior. The officers of SAS reserve the ability to ask anyone engaging in such behavior to leave the event or meeting.