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College Resources


     There are two principal sources of funding for student research.  The first and most important is the Venture Fund, which is administered by the Dean's Advisory Committee.  It is a competitive campus-wide award that supports travel and expenses.  Because available funds diminish late in the year, students hoping to secure funding should submit a Venture Fund proposal well in advance of the projected research. The application form is available at the department website or in the department office.  Students are encouraged to request letters of support for their application well in advance of the deadline each block.   

     The second source of funding is the department’s Kathleen A. Jones Memorial Fund, established by the family of a 1980 graduate of the Anthropology Department.  All research funds are contingent on department approval of a research proposal.

      Regardless of funding source, the department will require you to write and sign a thank-you note to the donors or the honorees of the fund, which should also provide an informative explanation of your research interests. You must save all receipts and make a careful accounting of your expenditures to the department.