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Major/Minor Requirements


Effective April 15, 2015

Students majoring in anthropology must complete a minimum of twelve (12) units of course work, including the following requirements:

Two required, discipline-wide courses (taught in fall semester):

  • AN215 Anthropological Theory
    AN315 Senior Seminar in Anthropology

Two courses with the department’s “Methods” designation

An additional 10 units of course work in the department**, distributed in the following categories:

  • A minimum of one course in each of the 4 subfields (archaeological, biological, cultural, and linguistic anthropology)
  • At least three anthropology courses at the 300-level (in addition to AN315. Note: all 300-level courses have prerequisites; 2-block courses count as one course, but two units in the major)
  • At least two courses tagged “M” for significant methodological content
  • AN400 Research in Anthropology cannot substitute for 300-level courses. 

All seniors must submit a Senior Capstone Project (these may take longer- or shorter-duration forms; consult with advisor(s) and Senior Capstone Guidelines)

Major requirements may be satisfied by no more than:

  • two units of off-campus credit
  • two units of independent Readings/Research (400), and
  • two cross-listed unit taught by non-departmental faculty (e.g. ethnomusicology, political ecology, ethnography, religion, RES or SW studies, etc. ).**

Note: The department awards Distinction in Anthropology to students who present evidence of distinguished work. Consult the Majors Handbook for Distinction guidelines.

**Departmental courses are taught by permanent departmental faculty or anthropologists hosted in the department


A minor in anthropology will consist of a minimum of five units of course work, to include the following:

  • Courses in (at least) two of the four major subdisciplines (biological, cultural, archaeological, and linguistic anthropology) as described in the major requirements.
  • At least one course at the 300 level.
  • Independent research courses (AN400) may not be counted toward the minimum five units of the minor.
  • Minor requirements may be satisfied by no more than:
    • one cross-listed course unit taught by non-departmental faculty (e.g. folklore, ethnomusicology, cultural ecology)
    • one unit of off-campus credit.