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Our department houses extensive collections of lithics, ceramics, primate skeletal replicas, fossil hominid replicas, and human skeletal remains, in addition to a linguistics lab.

Our departmental office, faculty, and staff can be found on the third floor of the Barnes Science Building. The fourth floor houses 3 conventional classrooms (the smallest of which we call the seminar room), two laboratory/classrooms (one biological and the other archaeological/linguistic), and the J. Michael Hoffman Biological Anthropology Laboratory.

The biological laboratory classroom in room 405 is home to our collections of primate, fossil hominid, and modern human skeletal collections. These specimens are used frequently in courses studying human evolution, primatology, and osteology.

The archaeological and linguistic laboratory contains the lithics and ceramics collections, which largely originate from the American Southwest. Students in our archaeology courses may use these specimens to learn how to analyze, identify, and catalog material culture. There are also two computers available within this laboratory with specific programs for linguistic analysis and interview transcription. Students in higher level linguistics courses or pursuing independent ethnographic research often utilize these tools in their projects.