Funding Opportunities

Finney Family Field School Fund

Created through the generosity of CC alumna Suzanne Finney and the Finney family, the Finney Family Field School Fund will cover or reduce expenses for students to participate in field schools outside of the state of Colorado. Preference for funding goes to applications to participate in archaeological field schools, but students may also apply for funding to attend field schools in other subdisciplines of anthropology. Preference will also be given to students who demonstrate financial need, but other applicants will also be considered. Funds may be used for but are not limited to: field school tuition; travel expenses; airfare; local travel; meals and accommodations. To apply please send a letter to the department chair describing the field school you are interested in, field school costs, reasons for your interest in this field school, and any information about your financial situation that will be helpful to department faculty in determining your funding eligibility. Applications are accepted and approved on a rolling basis, but students are encouraged to apply as early in the school year as possible as available funds are limited.

Venture Grants 

There are two principal sources of funding for student research. The first and most important is the Venture Grant, which is administered by the Dean's Advisory Committee. It is a competitive campus-wide award that supports travel and expenses. Because available funds diminish late in the year, students hoping to secure funding should submit a Venture Fund proposal well in advance of the projected research. The application form is available at the department website or in the department office. Students are encouraged to request letters of support for their application well in advance of the deadline each block.

Kathleen A. Jones Memorial Fund

The second source of funding is the department's Kathleen A. Jones Memorial Fund, established by the family of a 1980 graduate of the Anthropology Department. All research funds are contingent on department approval of a research proposal.

Regardless of funding source, the department will require you to write and sign a thank-you note to the donors or the honorees of the fund, which should also provide an informative explanation of your research interests. You must save all receipts and make a careful accounting of your expenditures to the department.

External Undergraduate Research Funding

The American Anthropological Association (AAA) offers financial awards for exceptional undergraduate research and writing.

Also be sure to check for scholarships offered by regional research institutes in the area you would like to conduct your research. For example, the American School of Oriental Research (ASOR) offers fellowships, scholarships, and grants to individuals participating in field schools or research in the Middle East each year.

If you are a member of an honors or Greek society, you should also check to see if your society offers undergraduate research scholarships. Many such societies have funding available to help members augment their undergraduate experience, and fund their continuing education at the graduate level.

Alice Hamilton Scholarship Fund

These competitive awards range from $200 up to $1000 each. Awards are based on the merits of the application, rather than financial need. Applicant must be majoring in Anthropology or cross-discipline field, with emphasis in Archaeology. Applicant must be attending an accredited college or university in Colorado, and carrying at least a half-time course load. Include a completed cover sheet with your application materials. Apply to Alice Hamilton Scholarship on the Colorado Archeological Society website. 

Institute for Field Research Scholarships

We understand that attending a field school can be a significant expense for students. The Vera Campbell Promise Scholarship provides significant funding for selected students who preferably have not yet attended a field program and who otherwise would not have the financial means to participate in a field school. 

Jane C. Waldbaum Archaeological Field School Scholarship

Established in honor of AIA Past President Jane Waldbaum, this scholarship is intended to help students who are planning to participate in archaeological field work for the first time. Students majoring in archaeology or related disciplines are especially encouraged to apply to the Jane C. Waldbaum Archeological Field School Scholarship. The Scholarship Fund provides $1000 each to help pay expenses associated with participation in an archaeological field work project (minimum stay one month/4 weeks). The scholarship is open to students who have begun their junior year of undergraduate studies at the time of application and have not yet completed their first year of graduate school at a college or university in the United States or Canada. Applicants must be at least 18 years old and must not have previously participated in archaeological field work of any kind. The committee will consider both academic achievement and financial need in its deliberations.

Funding for Graduate School

The AAA list of fellowships and scholarships for graduate school has an extensive catalog available to help with the costs of graduate school tuition and research.

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program

The National Science Foundation's Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) helps ensure the vitality of the human resource base of science and engineering in the United States and reinforces its diversity. The program recognizes and supports outstanding graduate students in NSF-supported science, technology, engineering, and mathematics disciplines who are pursuing research-based master's and doctoral degrees at accredited US institutions. The NSF welcomes applications from all qualified students and strongly encourages under-represented populations, including women, under-represented racial and ethnic minorities, and persons with disabilities, to apply for this fellowship.

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