The Anthropology department is located on the third and fourth floor of the west half of the Barnes Science Building. Our department office (room 302) and most of our faculty can be found on the third floor with additional offices in rooms 404, 406, and 408. Our classrooms and labs are located on the fourth floor. The department has three conventional classrooms (403, 407, and 412), an Archaeology lab (410), the Hess Physical Anthropology classroom (405), and the Hoffman Biological Anthropology lab (402). The Knight Anthropology Research Library is located in classroom 412, also known as the seminar room.

Our department houses extensive collections of primate skeletal replicas, fossil hominin replicas, and human skeletal models, in addition to ceramic and lithic artifacts, computers with linguistic analysis software, laboratory equipment including microscopes, dendrochronological software and tools, and more. All resources are available for student use.

Check out the slideshow below for pictures of our department's classrooms and facilities

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