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Fearless Friday Seminars


The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science features a continuing Fearless Friday Seminar series open to interested students, faculty and the general public. We are a lively and friendly community of scholars and learners in mathematics and computer science. It is important to recognize that learning in the classroom is only a part of that. We invite all of our students to be part of our community. A great way to participate is to attend public lectures about new ideas in mathematics and computer science. To get the most out of these opportunities, we recommend that students listen actively, take notes, and ask the speaker questions. To encourage this, the department asks that each major write a summary of four selected talks, to illustrate their active participation in the lecture, and to practice the important skill of grasping the essentials of a public lecture and reporting on them in written form.

Second Friday's talks are typically at noon, the first and third Friday's at 2:30pm! 

To help gauge the level of Fearless Friday talks, they come with a built-in rating system for mathematical background required, mimicking the motion picture ratings with which we are all familiar.

Rated G: No mathematical or computer science background required.
Rated PG: A little undergraduate mathematics or computer science assumed.
Rated PG13: A lot of undergraduate mathematics or computer science assumed.
Rated R: Some graduate mathematics or computer science assumed.
Rated X: A talk only the speaker understands.
Rated XXX: A talk even the speaker fails to understand.

SEMINAR ARCHIVE of past years' abstracts and topics: 2005-2017