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CS Requirements

Applicable for the 2020-2021 academic year.

The study of computer science develops many skills that are central to a liberal arts education: analytical thinking, creativity, and communication. Computer science majors and minors at Colorado College study classical ideas and cutting-edge technologies in close collaboration with their peers and faculty. The computer science program is inclusive and welcoming, with the aim of helping every student achieve his or her full potential. Our students have ample opportunity to work with faculty here and elsewhere on research projects, as well as to put their skills to use in internships. Our alumni are in high demand in the tech sector and other fields, and many earn advanced degrees from top-flight universities.

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science offers a major and a minor in computer science; computer science courses are designated by CP. For details about the mathematics major and a list of mathematics (MA) courses, see the listing under mathematics elsewhere in the catalog.


In addition to the All College Requirements, a student majoring in Computer Science must complete:

  • MA126 Calculus 1

  • MA129 Calculus 2

  • MA201 Discrete Mathematics OR MA251 Number Theory

  • CP115 Computational Thinking

  • CP122 Computer Science 1

  • CP222 Computer Science 2

  • CP274 Software Design

  • CP275 Computer Organization

  • CP307 Data Structures and Algorithms

  • CP405 Theory of Computation

  • CP499 Team Software Project

  • TWO units approved by a faculty member of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science from the following:

    • CP341 Topics in Computer Science

    • CP342 Distributed Systems

    • CP344 Database Systems

    • CP360 Computer Graphics

    • CP365 Artificial Intelligence

    • CP407 Analysis of Algorithms

  • A student must complete CP222 and either MA201 or MA251 before declaring the major.

  • All non-transfer students may count at most three 300-400 level courses taken at other institutions (not to include the equivalent of CP499) toward their Computer Science major, provided that these courses are approved by the department.

A student majoring in Computer Science must also:

  1. Attend at least four departmental Fearless Friday talks or department-approved talks after declaring the major, and submit a summary of each talk on Canvas within three weeks of the seminar. These write-ups must be submitted by the beginning of Block 7 of the student’s senior year.

  2. Present the project developed in Team Software Project (CP499) as either a poster or oral presentation during Block 7 of the year in which students take CP499.

To be eligible for Distinction in Computer Science, see the CS Distinction Requirements page.


To minor in Computer Science, a student must complete each of the following:

  • CP115CP122CP222CP274, and CP275;
  • Two additional units of computer science at the 300 or 400 level;
  • Obtain approval of the choice of courses from a member of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science.
  • A student minoring in Computer Science must take at least three of the required courses at CC.