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CC - AIT Budapest Equivalencies

Aquincum Institute of Technology (AIT) Budapest:

CC Computer Science Course Equivalencies

Students interested in studying abroad on any CC-approved program need to complete the CC Internal Application process in Summit. In addition, students should note that while you are abroad in a non-English-speaking country, CC policy requires you take the local language. With AIT, this can be fulfilled either through a pre-session Hungarian crash course offered at AIT before the semester or a Hungarian language course during the semester.  Also, pre-reqs CP222, CP275, and CP274 must be completed before departing for the program.

(Please also see CC's credit transfer policies!)

AIT Course > CC Computer Science Equivalent

Semantic and Declarative Technologies -> CP341 Topics in CS

Combinatorial Optimization -> CP341 Topics in CS

Theory of Computing -> CP405 Theory of Computation

Data Mining -> CP341 Topics in CS

Algorithms and Data Structures -> CP241 Topics in CS

Computer Graphics -> CP360 Computer Graphics

Quantum Probability and Quantum Logic -> CP341 Topics in CS

Computational Biology and Medicine -> CP341 Topics in CS

Advanced Algorithms for Bioinformatics -> 0.5 unit of CP341 Topics in CS credit

Structure and Dynamics of Complex Networks -> CP341 Topics in CS

Computer Vision Applications for Digital Cinema -> CP341 Topics in CS

Mobile Software Development -> CP341 Topics in CS

Applied Cryptography -> CP341 Topics in CS

Graph Theory -> MA325 Graph Theory

Note: There are a few other special topics courses that don't have CC equivalents; talk to your advisor. Many are fine for general "topics class" credit toward a CS major. 

In all cases, make sure you are working closely with your advisor at CC when making course selection choices, as 300-level courses require advisor approval to count towards major requirements.