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TH200 – Topics in Theatre:

Courses offered by resident and visiting faculty on specialized topic areas, including theatre history, dramatic literature, dramatic theory, film and theatre performance practices.


TermBlockTitleInstructorLocationStudent Limit/ AvailableUpdated
Fall 2017 Block 3 Topics in Theatre: Finding Your Voice Kathryn Aronson Cossitt Hall S Studio 25/23 03/24/2018
Spring 2018 Half Block Topics in Theatre:SOLO PERFORMANCE Andrew Manley Cornerstone Art Center 108 25/16 03/24/2018
Spring 2018 Block 5 Topics in Theatre: Stand-up Comedy: Writing and Performance Cesar Cervantes TBA 16/4 03/24/2018
Spring 2018 Block 6 Topics in Theatre: Our Cities Our Selves Tom Marble Cornerstone Art Center 308 25/13 03/24/2018
Spring 2018 Block 7 Topics in Theatre: Musicals in American Culture Ryan Banagale Packard Hall 16 25/6 03/24/2018
Spring 2018 Block 7 Topics in Theatre: The Performance Laboratory: Storytelling through movement and word Idris Goodwin Cornerstone Art Center 308 25/6 03/24/2018
Fall 2018 Block 2 Topics in Theatre: Gender Trouble on the Acropolis (in Athens) Lisa Hughes TBA 25/25 03/24/2018
Fall 2018 Block 4 Topics in Theatre: The Nakedness of Being Eiko Otake TBA 25/25 03/24/2018
Spring 2019 Half Block Topics in Theatre: Acting & Directing for the Camera Andrew Manley TBA 25/25 03/24/2018